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Dream Houses

🌿 “DREAM HOUSES, Tessa Sinclair Scott’s first collection of poems ranges across natural and human landscapes with insight and vigour.”


đŸŒ± “An assured, accomplished and absorbing first collection, by turns earthy and sensual, savvy and strikingly perceptive, strikingly apt.”


🍃 “Beautifully constructed poems plunge us into wild coastal New Zealand landscapes filtered with green light, and large night skies.”


Published by Kelsay Books with a foreword by acclaimed Australian poet Judith Beveridge. DREAM HOUSES is available to order now from the publisher Kelsay Books or Amazon Europe /Amazon US.

© Tessa Scott

der kleine Sprachsalon // Language School Identity

The multi-talented Stintje HĂŒllsiek is the brains behind a language school with a difference; der kleine Sprachsalon (the little language salon) was conceived by the languages and theatre specialist while on a break from full-time teaching. At the kleine Sprachsalon, students enjoy the benefit of Oxbridge style tutorial sessions in groups of between 3 and 6 learners in a relaxed, lounge-like situation. Alongside the launch of the website Stintje has big plans for her brand; currently working towards the inaugural kleine Sprachsalon Language Tour. First stop – Italy.

SCOTT. Design + Text created the logo and website which features a basic web-based CMS. Site editors log-in and update content from whenever, wherever. Nice!

The Urbanimals

Dingodabulous and his mates Crocoriffic and Goannagogo reveal the magical world of Urbanimaland, a place that exists in the cracks of the big city where, unseen by adult eyes, the Urbanimals dance, make magic, art & music. A funny, silly set of rhyming verses with collage illustrations and adventurous language for readers between 5 and 8 that celebrates the diversity of urbanity.

Was mein Leben reicher macht?

Someone, somewhere, once said that we become the books that we read. So, if we read happy books, we get happy, right? Well, now you can experiment on yourself with the nicely produced volume Was Mein Leben Reicher Macht from Knaur Verlag. These collected musings of Die Zeit reading Germans are now available in hardback form. Turn to Page 161 to see my contribution in visual form! Was Mein Leben Reicher Macht by Wolfgang Lechner is available from Amazon and directly from Knaur Verlag.

Kindermusik // Musicalische FrĂŒherziehung auf Englisch

More than one million kids in 60 countries have enjoyed Kindermusik since its beginnings in the United States in 1978. Hamburg’s very own Kindermusik Studio is run by dedicated ex-pat American entrepreneur Karen Bergquist-LĂŒth. Karen aims to create a musical experience that will engage children and their families in the fun and excitement of exploration in movement and song.

SCOTT. Design + Text created this illustration for Kindermusik way back when, and it is still going strong in a swathe of printed media all over Hamburg.

BERNHARD RITSCHARD Violin Maker // Website Relaunch

Bernhard Ritschard is a peripatetic, polyglot violin maker of the traditional Italian school. Born in Interlaken at the foot of the Swiss Alps, he learned his craft at the tradition-rich International School of Violin Making in Cremona, following in the footsteps of Antoni Stradivari.

In his northern German workshop near LĂŒbeck, Bernhard creates and restores repertoire-specific instruments and bows for Early Music specialists and Music Schools from all over Europe.

A catalogue of these hand-built string instruments is now online at:



brwebsite_1200-x-800-copySCOTT. Design + Text designed and translated the website which features the wonderful photography of Nina Strugalla.  Johannes Zapotoczsky programmed the site to function beautifully on a desktop or tablet. Thanks guys.

© Tessa Scott Design

HFBK Choir // Identity Design and Concert Marketing Material

The HFBK-Chor is a choir consisting of a collection of rugged individualists who are graduates  from the visual arts, design and architecture faculties of Hamburg’s most respected Fine Arts Institution the Hochschule fĂŒr bildende KĂŒnste. In reality, it’s been a few semesters since most of the singers graced the halls of that august institution but that’s a mere detail. Arguably Hamburg’s best looking choir the HFBK-Chor’s ever-evolving repertoire encompasses a range of styles and eras; from heart-wrenching Madrigals full of metaphysical yearnings to heady contemporary pieces with lashings of German Romanticism thrown in  for good measure.

© Tessa Scott

PlÀtscher Poster 2013

 SCOTT. Design + Text created the HFBK Logo and the marketing material for a series of concerts including Chor + X, PlĂ€tscher! as well as the collaborative performance of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana Fortuna Digitalis with Elbtonal Percussion and RealitĂ€ten Revue at the Miralles Saal in Hamburg.