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The Urbanimals

Dingodabulous and his mates Crocoriffic and Goannagogo reveal the magical world of Urbanimaland, a place that exists in the cracks of the big city where, unseen by adult eyes, the Urbanimals dance, make magic, art & music. A funny, silly set of rhyming verses with collage illustrations and adventurous language for readers between 5 and 8 that celebrates the diversity of urbanity.

Was mein Leben reicher macht?

Someone, somewhere, once said that we become the books that we read. So, if we read happy books, we get happy, right? Well, now you can experiment on yourself with the nicely produced volume Was Mein Leben Reicher Macht from Knaur Verlag. These collected musings of Die Zeit reading Germans are now available in hardback form. Turn to Page 161 to see my contribution in visual form! Was Mein Leben Reicher Macht by Wolfgang Lechner is available from Amazon and directly from Knaur Verlag.

Alba’s Empire 2016 Calender

This year’s 2016 Calendar features Mysterious Heads with Alba’s Zany Instagram Squares inside them. Available print on demand on white (with or without photos) or on blue. A lot of the time while I was making this collage illustration I was listening to Otherppl, Brad Listi’s brilliant podcast about writers and writing. I was thinking a lot about the ceaseless movement of people across the globe, by choice or necessity. And of how we carry a part of the people we hold dear within us, no matter how long ago you knew them or how far away they happen to be. If you’d like to order a Calendar just contact the studio!

SCOTT. Design + Text are delighted to work as Alba’s Empire when the occasion demands.

The Daily Cliché // one size artworks


Here at Alba’s Empire we understand how tiring it is being fresh, original and above all authentic. So, we’ve taken the think out of “thinking-woman’s-crumpet” so you don’t have to. The result is “The Daily Cliché” a series of mass-produced, one-size-fits-all artworks. Never look slightly to the left of someone’s eyes at a party again as you scramble for something witty, insightful and or profound to say. Just reach for a cliché, there’s a grain of truth in each one.




Order one, or, order the set, there are 8, yes, EIGHT, to choose from. Each cliché has been lovingly mass-produced and framed in white.

Alba’s Empire? // Where’s that…

Well, perhaps “What is Alba’s Empire?” might be a better question.

And here’s the answer: Alba’s Empire is my illustration nom de plume (de pencil?) & the name of my illustration studio. The Empire is an imaginary place full of strange animals and stranger humans, and even stranger humanimals. I mostly make drawings the old-fashioned way with pencils on heavy cream rag paper. Sometimes these drawings get sucked up through the scanner and after a bit of digital discombobulation in Photoshop they end up somewhere rather different from where they started. Usually printed out again on high quality archival paper with my six-colour ink jet printer. Then framed, popped into a bag and hand delivered with a smile, or carefully packed up into a puffy box and sent off with a mental smile.

albasempire_1200-x-800--mat albasempire_1200-x-800-bagAs for the name, up until now it was a closely guarded secret! But I can now reveal that the name Alba’s Empire is a tribute to my long-gone, loyal dog Alba (yes, named after this Goya painting). She loped beside my 3-speed bicycle every day from Peterborough Street out to Ilam Art School and sat patiently  in my studio on her blanket for four years until I had my Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting. She only occasionally did things like walking through (not-then-famous) contemporary New Zealand artists’ wet work and leaving paw prints in it.albasempire_1200-x-800--wallalbasempire_1200-x-800-studio

I work away quite happily self-directed but I am also open for collaborations and commissions. So, don’t be shy, say hello!

SCOTT. Design + Text: moonlighting as Alba’s Empire!{:}

Elena Kaufman // Writer, Actor & Educator Identity Design

Elena Kaufman is a professional writer, actor and educator with a wealth of experience on the stage and behind the lecturn. A graduate of the Writing MA at Oxford University, she not only writes long and short fiction, she can teach you to maximise your voice and body potential with her amazing workshop programme: vocal power – go there, it roars!


SCOTT. Design + Text were charmed to create Elena Kaufman’s shiny new logo.

Kindermusik // Musicalische Früherziehung auf Englisch

More than one million kids in 60 countries have enjoyed Kindermusik since its beginnings in the United States in 1978. Hamburg’s very own Kindermusik Studio is run by dedicated ex-pat American entrepreneur Karen Bergquist-Lüth. Karen aims to create a musical experience that will engage children and their families in the fun and excitement of exploration in movement and song.

SCOTT. Design + Text created this illustration for Kindermusik way back when, and it is still going strong in a swathe of printed media all over Hamburg.

Here’s to 2015 // Freebie alert!

…Let’s make it brilliant, dazzling, exciting, exhilarating, stimulating, vivacious, coruscating, effervescent, lively, vibrant, ebullient, sparkling, shining, bright, gleaming, glittering, twinkling, coruscating, flashing, shimmering, shimmery…and all that!

If you’d like a free copy of our 2015 The Sun & The Moon Calendar, featuring the mysterious Victorian Lady with the zany ‘Times Square’ patterned skirt, just contact the studio!


Or, if you’d rather print it out yourself, here’s the PDF: 2015_sunandmoon

2015_sunandmoonDesign, Hamburg: Tessa Scott | Photo, New York: Andrés Crump

Maedchenchor Hamburg // Hamburg Girls’ Choir

The Mädchenchor Hamburg (Hamburg Girls’ Choir) is a choral school for girls between the ages of 4 and 20 years old. Since 2003 the choir has enthralled audiences from Switzerland to Swaziland with their nuanced sound and polished performance style.

cd_insideMaedchenchor Hamburg have now served up a slice of their unique sound to CD: Song of Hope presents key studio repertoire and live recordings from the Hamburg Laeiszhalle and the Weimarhalle in Weimar.

olgaSCOTT. Design + Text created the CD and translated the sleeve notes. Panorama shot of the Mädchenchor performing in the Kulturkirche (Hamburg, Altona) by kind permission of photographer extraordinaire Martin Zitzlaff – thanks Martin!