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Dream Houses

DREAM HOUSES is Tessa Sinclair Scott’s first collection of poems; thirteen years, two continents, and many, many re-inventions in the making. Now, this most personal of poetry collections, published by Kelsay Books and with a foreword by acclaimed Australian poet Judith Beveridge, is nearly ready for you to dive into… pre-orders coming soon!

The Urbanimals

Dingodabulous and his mates Crocoriffic and Goannagogo reveal the magical world of Urbanimaland, a place that exists in the cracks of the big city where, unseen by adult eyes, the Urbanimals dance, make magic, art & music. A funny, silly set of rhyming verses with collage illustrations and adventurous language for readers between 5 and […]

Was mein Leben reicher macht?

Someone, somewhere, once said that we become the books that we read. So, if we read happy books, we get happy, right? Well, now you can experiment on yourself with the nicely produced volume Was Mein Leben Reicher Macht from Knaur Verlag. These collected musings of Die Zeit reading Germans are now available in hardback […]