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Alba’s Empire? // Where’s that…

Well, perhaps “What is Alba’s Empire?” might be a better question.

And here’s the answer: Alba’s Empire is my illustration nom de plume (de pencil?) & the name of my illustration studio. The Empire is an imaginary place full of strange animals and stranger humans, and even stranger humanimals. I mostly make drawings the old-fashioned way with pencils on heavy cream rag paper. Sometimes these drawings get sucked up through the scanner and after a bit of digital discombobulation in Photoshop they end up somewhere rather different from where they started. Usually printed out again on high quality archival paper with my six-colour ink jet printer. Then framed, popped into a bag and hand delivered with a smile, or carefully packed up into a puffy box and sent off with a mental smile.

albasempire_1200-x-800--mat albasempire_1200-x-800-bagAs for the name, up until now it was a closely guarded secret! But I can now reveal that the name Alba’s Empire is a tribute to my long-gone, loyal dog Alba (yes, named after this Goya painting). She loped beside my 3-speed bicycle every day from Peterborough Street out to Ilam Art School and sat patiently  in my studio on her blanket for four years until I had my Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting. She only occasionally did things like walking through (not-then-famous) contemporary New Zealand artists’ wet work and leaving paw prints in it.albasempire_1200-x-800--wallalbasempire_1200-x-800-studio

I work away quite happily self-directed but I am also open for collaborations and commissions. So, don’t be shy, say hello!

SCOTT. Design + Text: moonlighting as Alba’s Empire!{:}